FCA Registration

At RQC Group we have an experienced in-house team who will completely manage your FCA application. From collation of required documents, to completion of the form and finally, in assisting you to field enquiries from your FCA case officer. If you are already registered, we can also assist firms with your Variations of Permission and/or Change of Control.

About our service

Collectively the applications team has processed over 500 FCA applications between them. This unparalleled experience across our sector, means that if you encounter any enquiries or requests for meetings from the FCA, it is very likely that we will have covered these with previous clients, so you can be secure in the knowledge that our advice on how best to proceed is based on first-hand experience and will meet the FCA’s expectations.

We guide you through the process that includes drafting and tailoring the content to efficiently meet the FCA’s expectations. We manage and draft bespoke communications to the regulator and provide the appropriate policies and procedures, which you certify in the application, at no extra cost.

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Service Checklist

Our service includes the following:

Preparation, filing and project management of your comprehensive FCA Applicatio

Drafting of application documents (eg. ICAAP, Business Continuity Plan, Owners and Controllers documentation)

Preparation of info about your funds

Registration of approved persons

Provision of a compliance manual

Working with your lawyers and accountants in support of the application