SMCR training courses

We offer a full set of CPD-accredited online SMCR e-Learning solutions bespoke to each firm type (Limited Scope, Core or Enhanced), created by our compliance experts at RQC Group, to ensure full SMCR compliance at your convenience. Our interactive, easy-to-use SMCR e-Learning courses will ensure you are compliant and that you meet your new ongoing training requirements.

The courses are accessible immediately upon purchase. They can be viewed in multiple sittings – simply log back onto the course and start again from where you left off. The courses are visual i.e. you won’t need headphones or speakers.

The courses take between 25 minutes and 45 minutes to complete. You can also download a certificate once the course has been completed.

The Senior Managers Regime, Certification Regime and Conduct Rules modules end with a short multiple choice test.

In addition, we have created a ‘learning plan’, comprising all four courses, aimed at individuals who want to view all of the courses before rolling them out to other staff members.

All our courses are CPD accredited.


An overview of SMCR from the firm’s perspective. It is of use to anyone within the firm to understand the new regulations.

SMCR for Senior Managers

Relevant for individuals that have been identified as being a senior manager under SMCR, including senior managers that are also performing a certification function.

SMCR for Certification Staff

This is for individuals that have been identified as performing a certification function but are not senior managers. This course is inclusive of Conduct Rules.

SMCR Conduct Rules

This is for staff that are subject to the conduct rules framework but are neither a senior manager nor performing a certification function